Friday, October 2, 2009

Recent searches and results.

Earlier today I went on a google hunt for more precise information on Machu Picchu. I've memorized much of it, but not the exact weights/measurements of the stones found there. I think I was talking to Jenno about it actually as she was at her own computer. For some reason or another I've turned to estimating anything with a numerical value. Rather than simply stating with 100% certainty that the number I chose at this particular point in time is correct; I prefer to give an estimated range. Using said ranges I feel as if I am not spreading misinformation. An added bonus is that if my audience was interested in the topic they, themselves would have to do research to find the correct answer thus leading to and increase in knowledge overall. I don't claim to be a scholar and hope no one sees me as such.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New recruit.

So we have a new employee over at the parts store whom I am training. As usual, I have my doubts about new people. Not so much if they can handle the job, but more if they can handle the rest of us. We're all bullshitters and make terrible lowbrow comments and jokes. Most of which are extremely offensive and directed at one another. The thing is though, it's an important part of the job. If one can't take it and/or dish it out then the blue-collar mechanics we deal with, who behave in the same manner mind you, feel less at ease around them. You have to have thick skin and a sharp tongue to earn respect as a "new guy."You have to be able to drop the normal employee/employer roles and look your boss in the eye and tell him, "Go grab yourself a nice hot cup of shut-the-fuck-up." One guy I work with is the most knowledgeable one of all of us just needs to be told to "Play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself." It's what he expects. It's what we all expect. Hell, it's what our commercial accounts expect. It's why they come to us first and not one of the other stores in the area. They like our sense of humor, our crudeness and the fact we can get them what they need and entertain them at the same time. It's almost like the Circle K hotdog stand in Chicago. As a customer you insult the employees and they insult you back; business thrives and everyone's happy. Like we say at work, "It is what it is."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, for my first post I thought best to introduce myself. I'm just an ordinary guy in a small town overrun by strange circumstances. Most of which are caused by methamphetamine, high poverty levels and possibly just something in the air. Everyone here has a story, most are tragic, but can inspire others if shared at the correct opportunity. I, myself, was one of the drug-addled minds wandering to and fro like zombies looking for their next high.